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Form creation

Automatic analysis

Customized report

An innovative concept

Qwesta is the only online platform enabling to generate a 100% customized report in real time from an intelligent form.
Facile, innovant, performant

Easy, innovative proficient

  • Get started fast
  • Duplicate models and save time
  • Circulate massively and gain productivity
  • 100% configurable solution
  • Intelligent synthesis in real time
  • Customized recommendations
  • Create your solutions from our models

Create 100 % customized report

With no IT skills you are able to easily develop your own tools for diagnosis, evaluation, audit, tests, enquiries…

Create intelligent forms very rapidly, enabling the acquisition of all forms of data. This data is analyzed and processed in real time.

Elaborate in a few clicks intelligent report, enriched and customized, for each submission to be unique.

The easiest thing to do is to try QWESTA

  • Knowledge test
  • Performance diagnosis
  • Evaluation of skills
  • Profile analysis
  • Decision-making robot
  • Simulator/Configurator
  • Satisfaction enquiry

Qwestannaire de test

The Qwesta platform is a service in SAAS mode, accessible to all, 24/7.

A library of models adapted to your needs

Test your digital knowledge

Diagnose sound project management

Evaluate your sales skills

Analyze your motivation drivers

Psychometric test

Qwesta in a few key figures

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