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Types & Models

The qwestannaire

A qwestannaire is the association :

  • of an online evaluation, diagnosis or audit form
  • of an algorithmic analysis configured in parallel with the creation of the form
  • and an individualized restitution that is edited automatically as soon as the form is submitted.

Qwestannaires can be created ex nihilo or from the qwestalibrary.
Entirely configurable, they are customizable with the colors and logo of the business or the organization (white label).

The 7 types of Qwestanary®

The qwestannaires are divided into 7 types, depending on the goals pursued.

The qwestalibrary

Qwesta offers a large library of all types of qwestannaire models, to adapt with forms and restitutions, in order to save time.

Customization with your colors

Adapt Qwesta to the graphic identity of your brand.
Customize your tools and take care of your corporate identity. With Qwesta as white label, get to grips with the technology and galvanize your activity

Online forms

Closed-ended questions

All types of questions are available :

  • simple choice with a display in rows or columns
  • multiple choice with the possibility of setting the min and max number of proposals
  • other closed-ended questions: Likert scales, ranking…

Obligation to respond, but possibility of configuring “I don’t know” or “non applicable” buttons, and add an “other” field allowing an open-ended response.

Open-ended questions

The answers can be organized in different formats :

  • text, with configuration of field sizes (possible unlimited entry)
  • numerical, with min and max values if required
  • date, with the opening of a calendar
  • e-mail address or web URL, with automatic check of accuracy.

Conditional questions

Conditional questions allow you to raise the profile of forms: it is possible to configure the access to batches of questions differentiated according to the choice that will have been made in response to a conditional question.

Advanced functionalities

Numerous functionalities to generate relevant and adapted forms :

  • unlimited number of questions
  • sequencing of the form by pages gathering a variable number of questions
  • possibility of configuring a random display of response items, questions, or pages
  • possibility of incorporating comments or instructions under the questions, at the top of the pages or the questionnaire
  • possibility of adding to each question a digital file (image, video, etc.)
  • shape customization functionalities.


Great simplicity of use for respondents :

  • responsive display, adapted to all screen formats
  • dynamic progress from question to question
  • configurable progress bar
  • return button configurable at all levels.

Integration of media

It is possible to finely configure the insertion of specific digital media, depending on what the analysis will reveal :

  • Downloadable documents (.pdf, .doc, .xls…)
  • Image or video files (.jpg, .png, .avi, .mov…)
  • E-learning modules
  • Links towards a page, bibliographic references or a website…

Individualized restitutions in real time

Immediate report

Generation of a complete and automated report in real time

  • directly accessible online with responsive display
  • or downloadable in pdf format.

Automatization of comments

Comments and potential recommendations are totally automatized from data produced by the analytic processing of the form. They need to be configured beforehand, both in substance and appearance, according to the type of synthesis desired.

Compared visualization

The addition of gauges, spider graphs or matrices allows you to :

  • visualize data coming from a form
  • compare it to the average of respondents, to another benchmark, or to imported values
  • measure the evolution in time for a respondent having submitted several forms (up to 3)

Integration of any digital media

It is possible to finely configure the insertion of specific digital media, depending on what the analysis will reveal :

  • image file or video
  • e-learning module
  • link to a page or a website…

Configurable restitution level

For a submitted form, one can define several restitution levels according to the recipient : the respondent, his manager, a consultant…
Custom-made configuration enables to differentiate the syntheses in substance (commented points, depth of analysis) as well as appearance (choice of graphs, colors…)

Multi-level administration


Beyond the classic administration of qwestannaires, the super-administrator configures the dedicated platform and the use of white label(s). He manages administrators’ rights as well as the library of all the created qwestannaires.


Administrators create or adapt forms and associated restitutions. They can manage qwestannaires, duplicate them, and rank them via a dedicated or shared library. They publish the forms and post them online via specific URLs that can be multi-respondent or for single use.


Users manage all the respondents and their syntheses, be they individualized or processed collectively.


The number of respondents – simultaneous or not – is unlimited. Each respondent can manage the history of his restitutions from the moment he creates an account by identifying himself via an e-mail address.

Workflow and dashboards

Creation workflow

The adjustable workflow allows you to develop qwestannaires very easily. It combines in the same environment the different blocks making up the form and it(s) restitution(s) to elaborate and configure :

  • sets of questions block
  • comments block
  • graphs block
  • supplementary elements (images, videos, e-learning modules) block
  • respondent identification block

Campaign tracking

For each campaign putting forms online, configurable dashboards allow the administrator to follow in real time :

  • he number of forms completed and submitted
  • time spent, per respondent, or on average, as a minimum and as a maximum (per question or in total)
  • potential abandons, and to which question.

Data visualization

Qwesta enables you to elaborate management tables with custom-made indicators aggregating data from each individual restitution. The applications of data visualization are plentiful, including management of performance, colleagues’ activity, business intelligence.

What Qwesta does in addition to other platforms

Qwesta Builder
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Form creations
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Data processing
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Strategic benchmark
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Weighting of questions
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Statistic analysis of data
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Measure of the evolution on 3 iterations
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Benchmark between respondents
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Restitution of customized reports
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Data hosted in France
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In compliance with GDPR
Qwesta Builder
Other platforms

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